Ashley Colours Perez
Generating Danse
September 11 + 12 + 13 + 14, 2024
La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines
Ashley Colours Perez © Noire Mouliom

Ashley Perez is Colours. A Tkaronto | Toronto-based dance artist, choreographer, performer and teacher, Ashley Colours Perez brings a unique perspective to the world of dance and is part of an inspiring lineage of women who are creating spaces for marginalized dance forms.  

Generating Danse continues this line, invoking and activating a range of memories, sensations and forgotten histories.

With Generating Danse, Ashley invites us to a conversation between Jazz, Hip Hop, Social dance and Punking/Whacking/Waacking; a combination of solo performance, film and audio recording. This work is about trust and respect for dance and an acknowledgement of the power it holds for social and cultural change. Ashley Colours Perez hopes to cross borders, generations and mindsets to show that dance as an art form is essential and more relevant than ever. 

By inviting Ashley Colours Perez to Tiohtiáke | Mooniyang | Montréal, Danse-Cité is cultivating a relationship with Toronto's artistic communities with the aim of building bridges and infusing the Montréal scene with new encounters.


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