Every season, Danse-Cité supports four to five artists in creation, production, and persentation. Our programming is not built through open calls. We both meet artists that come to us with a project, and we personally contact artists whose practice compels us. We want to build a diversified program in collaboration with artists from a broad range of dance and performance practices who, in turn, help us broaden our understanding of contemporaneity. We want the terms “contemporary dance” and “live arts” not to be reflective of a particular style, but rather of what is happening now.

Sophie Corriveau, Artistic Director and General Manager, and Winnie Ho, co-curator.

The 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons are presently complete.

The Curator-in-Residence, or co-curator, has a three-year term. Ellen Furey was the first curator-in-residence. Her mandate finished at the end of August 2022.

The 2024-25 and following seasons shall be elaborated in concert by the Artistic Director and General Manager, and Winnie Ho, who began their term in October 2022.