24-25 Season · Sophie Corriveau's word

I like to think that the thread running through it is complicity: complicity with the artists who carry and deploy it, complicity with our partners who ar [...]

[Past] Weathering by Faye Driscoll with live audiodescription during FTA

La représentation du 5 juin 2024 de de la chorégraphe Faye Driscoll sera offerte en audiodescription pour les personnes non voyantes et semi-voyantes, [...]

[Past] MŌNAD by Alexandra 'Spicey' Landé with live audio description

[only in french] La représentation du 13 avril 2024 de MŌNAD d’Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé présentée par Danse-Cité, est offerte avec audiodescription en [...]

[Past] April 19: COSMOS Électrique

An evening of performances curated by Winnie Ho with artists Joliz Dela Peña, Kama La Mackerel, Jontae McCrory and Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep.  COSMOS Électri [...]

[Past] Call for applicants : Professional training in audio description of choreographic performances

Danse-Cité is an organization that contributes to the evolution of dance practices and contemporary creation by supporting artists through research, creat [...]

[Past] GLITCH by Bouge de là with live audio description at Maison des arts de Laval

[only in french] ** Grande Nouveauté : Audiodescription en direct d’un spectacle pour jeunes personnes aveugles et semi-voyantes de 9 ans et plus. Un pro [...]


Designed by Ellen Furey and Sophie Corriveau, and curated with Winnie Ho, COSMOS is a new performance platform at Danse-Cité. From October 4th to 7th, 202 [...]

Word from the director

Hello everyone! Here we are. The 2023–2024 season is on its way. For nearly three years, we have been preparing this program through reflections, encounte [...]

[past] Essence by Ballets Jazz de Montréal with live audio description at Danse Danse

[only available in french] La représentation du 28 septembre 2023 de Essence des Ballets Jazz Montréal, présentée par Danse Danse, est offerte avec aud [...]

[Past] Formation pour Guides-Accompagnateur·rice·s

[Only in french] Le 17 mai 2023, de 17 h à 20h, Danse-Cité offre une nouvelle formation de guides pour accompagner les personnes aveugles ou semi-voyante [...]