Civility, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy.

In 2022, Danse-Cité adopted a new civility, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy. This policy is part of a firm commitment to protect people at greater risk of discrimination, be they racialized, Indigenous, women, LGBTQIA+ or disabled. This policy is appended to all contracts signed by the company.

Privacy Policy

The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide information on the procedures established to protect the personal and non-personal data that we receive. We ensure that our data governance process complies with current legislation, respecting everyone's rights.

Sustainable development action plan

The sustainable development action plan incorporates many existing measures and adds a few new ones to make our practices more responsible and respectful of the environment.

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct sets out the fundamental values to which the Danse-Cité Board of Directors adheres, as well as its duties and obligations.