In winter 2021, Danse-Cité launched a new platform, Espace Recherche, to help contribute to the wellness and support of the artistic milieu and to keep artists working by offering a space and time where it is possible to focus on research, creative process and experimenting without production imperatives. 

Espace Recherche takes place every season at the Mainline Theater. Each artist receives a cachet for one week. The teams have 24hr access to one of the two spaces at Mainline Theatre. A meeting/conversation between the teams of artists takes place at the end of the week, lead by a facilitator, with the goal of sharing, exchanging, and offering solidarity. 

Espace Recherche 22-23 will take place in winter 2023. We will inform you about the details soon.

Artists participating in the first Espace Recherche were Kim-Sanh Châu + Louise Michel Jackson, Hanako Hoshimi Caines + Erin Hill, Alexandra Landé “Spicey” — Jean-Édouard “Sangwn” Pierre Toussaint + Samuel “Ssam” Lord + Frédérique “Pax” Dumas, Victoria 'VicVersa' Mackenzie + 'Jigsaw'+ Nubian Néné + Shash’U + EzzeC & Pénélope Martel Gromko + Silvia Sanchez + Pamela Gomez Widman.

Artists participating in the second Espace Recherche were Nien Tzu Weng with Sebastian Kann and Basile Herrmann Philippe + Vlad 7Starr Laurore with Mathilde Mercier-Beloin and Gara Nlandu + Kim Ninkuru with Stina Baudin and Assiyah Jamilla + Frédérique Rodier with Simon Chioini and Andréanne Martel. As well as facilitator Winnie Ho

Danse-Cité would like to thank our public partners, The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts who have made this initiative possible with the support of emergency artist relief funds. Danse-Cité would also like to thank the Caisse de la Culture Desjardins who in-turn contributed to making Espace Recherche possible through the Support funds for development in the milieu.