Sun Jul 07, 2024

Hello everyone,

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the 2024-2025 season of Danse-Cité.

I like to think that the thread running through it is complicity: complicity with the artists who carry and deploy it, complicity with our partners who are its allies, and complicity with a team, where everyone weaves small miracles. Each season is unique, and this one is no exception. We love its momentum, its detours, its sharing. We love the secrets waiting to be discovered.

Ashley Colours Perez, Sebastian Kann, Nien Tzu Wenf, and Corpuscule Danse led by Marie-Hélène Bellavance and Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, are the magicians/creators of this season kaleidoscope. Dances. Dances where forgotten stories, philosophy, ambiguity, immersion, intimacy, live traces, interdependence, fluidity, paradox, nostalgia, belonging… and much more, bubble and sparkle. 

The 24-25 season is being concocted with Winnie Ho, current co-curator, and Ellen Furey, previous co-curator, who have been by my side since 2019. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the energy and vitality they bring, and for their vision, which joyfully and thoughtfully enriches all aspects of our activities.

This year, we will inhabit La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, the Fonderie Darling, and the MAI. We love our nomadism, this creative puzzle that allows us to meet new communities, offer artists the most suitable venue for their projects, and pursue cherished partnerships.

Danse-Cité is also the ground for the deployment of a season of audio description of choreographic works for blind and partially sighted audiences. The projects are numerous and inspiring, and the encounters invigorate and motivate us. A warm thank you to our presenting partners who join us on this adventure and contribute to a better togetherness. The season of audio description will be revealed in August.

The dance and arts milieu is going through a difficult period, marked by complex and worrying social, environmental and political issues. The working conditions of artists, cultural workers and technical crews are precarious and even more fragile today. We wish to participate collectively and proactively with the milieu to improve these conditions and strengthen our community.

On behalf of the entire Danse-Cité team and the members of our Board of Directors, we wish you a beautiful season with us. We value your presence, your curiosity and your support. 

Sophie Corriveau
Artistic and General Director