Tue Aug 24, 2021

Happy Browsing

We needed a whole crew to confer a new online interface and a visual signature to Danse-Cité, offering artists, collaborators, and audiences an easeful landscape for interaction. I specifically wish to thank Steven Steffen et Daniel Fernandes, and the team: Ellen, Joanie and Sophie.

In 2021, creating a company image is in equal parts a rigorous and delicious exercise. Through a series of clicks, you will discover the convergence of numerous discussions, adjustments, and attempts at translation into multiple HTML codes. Let’s not kid ourselves: Danse-Cité is not necessarily turning a new leaf as we turn forty, but rather embracing the past to live in the present and believe in the future.

In the name of the beautiful team that created this new website and visual signature, I wish you happy browsing.


Communication director
& Project manager