Tue Nov 30, 2021

DONATION TUESDAY — A smartphone is the essential tool for a blind or partially sighted person to hear a live audiodescription. 

Help us acquire smart phones. By doing so, you are helping us welcome visually impaired spectators to the theatre. 

  • We accept cash donations. *

  • We also accept donations of used smart phones: IPHONE and SAMSUNG generation 6 and up. **

I GIVE MY USED SMART PHONE — Send a mail to Maud : communication@danse-cite.org

* A charitable receipt will be issued for all monetary donations.
** A charitable receipt will be issued for the exchange value of the smartphone.
Charitable registration number: 12004 8624 RR0001



In early 2021, Danse-Cité invested in cultural accessibility for blind and partially sighted audiences by pairing a choreographic work with its live audiodescription. An audiodescription includes the writing of a narrative text and the presenting of it, orally, on the evening of the performance. An evening begins with the welcoming of the spectators and continues with a tactile visit of the stage and the scenic elements. Following the performance, a discussion takes place between the blind and semi-sighted spectators, the audio describers and the artists.

During the 21-22 pilot season, Danse-Cité and its partners are offering 4 evenings with live audiodescription. The aim is that this way of experiencing dance be made permanent. Danse-Cité is working to ensure that the service is thorough and recurrent.