Tue Aug 31, 2021

Vandalized posters
August 2021, 31 - Montréal

On Monday, August 30, posters of Ayibobo™ III, by multidisciplinary artist Elle Barbara, were displayed at seven locations in Montreal. Large, beautiful posters measuring 10' by 6'.  In less than twenty-four hours, two of these posters were vandalized. Hateful and homophobic comments as well as death threats were written on them with black paint.

We completely condemn these acts, they are unacceptable and violent. 
We reiterate our full support for the trans, queer, and afro-descendant communities of Montreal. 
The traces will be erased to returns these spaces fully to the beauty and power of the artists and their image. 

We are proud to present Ayibobo™ III from September 11 to 18, at the theatre La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines.

- Danse-Cité

Ayibobo™III: Little Dollhouse on the prairie's artists: Rony F. Campbell, Syana O. Barbara, Elle Barbara, Chris M. Barbara, Kim N. Sankofa