Weathering by Faye Driscoll with live audiodescription during FTA

La représentation du 5 juin 2024 de de la chorégraphe Faye Driscoll sera offerte en audiodescription pour les personnes non voyantes et semi-voyantes, [...]

MŌNAD by Alexandra 'Spicey' Landé with live audio description

[only in french] La représentation du 13 avril 2024 de MŌNAD d’Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé présentée par Danse-Cité, est offerte avec audiodescription en [...]

[Past] Call for applicants : Professional training in audio description of choreographic performances

Danse-Cité is an organization that contributes to the evolution of dance practices and contemporary creation by supporting artists through research, creat [...]


Frequent in film and theatre, audio description consists in describing the visual elements of a work for a blind and partially sighted audience in order to facilitate their understanding. Dance requires a slightly different process, with the elaboration of a specific methodology and vocabulary...



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