Next show with live audidoescription — Nadia Beugré's L'homme rare at the FTA - Festival TransAmériques

The June 1 performance of   by choreographer Nadia Beugré comes with an audio description option for those who are blind and visually impaired, presented in association with FTA - Festival TransAmériques June 1, 2022, at 7 pm Welcoming of spectators a...

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Fr 25 March 2022

Among the finalists of the 36th Grand Prix

We are honoured to be among the 10 finalists of the 36th Grand Prix of the Conseil des arts de Montréal, along with : Centre d'art daphne, Festival Accès [...]

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We 02 March 2022

[Done] Call : Training of volunteer guides

[this offer is only available in french] Dans le cadre de son activité de médiation culturelle Décloisonner la multi-sensorialité , Danse-Cité offre un [...]

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Th 24 February 2022

[Done] Call for participants : Search for 7 blind and partially sighted participants

( This offer is only available in french.) Décloisonner la multisensorialité est une invitation lancée à 7 participants et participantes aveugles, semi-v [...]

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Sa 04 December 2021

Heather Mah's Pomegranate with live audiodescription

The 55 minutes of the choreographic work will be made accessible to all people who have complete or  partial  vision loss. Blind and partially sighted aud [...]

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Tu 30 November 2021

Donation Tuesday - Cultural Accessibility

Help us acquire smart phones. By doing so, you are helping us welcome visually impaired spectators to the theatre.  I MAKE A DONATION — I GIVE MY USE [...]

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Th 30 September 2021

A first show with live audio description

Montreal, September 30, 2021 - The first evening of dance offered with live audio description for blind and partially sighted people in Montreal will tak [...]

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