november 2021
25 26 27 — 19h30
28 — 15h
Théâtre Rouge


Emmanuel Jouthe



​​Embarking on a trajectory in the vanishing space of a cosmology without apparent grounds; navigating between convolution and cohabitation. These are the parameters around which the four artists on stage create and re-create the space. Every moment of VEGA contains the attempt to seize a site never encountered. Returning becomes an act of abandonment.


Artistic direction & choreography :
Emmanuel Jouthe

Artistic consultant & rehearsal direction:
Jessica Serli

Antoine Berthiaume

Technical direction:
Mélanie Primeau

Financial supports:
Conseil des arts du Canada, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal, Operaestrate Festival Veneto

Myriam Frenette

Created in collaboration with the artists:
Élise Bergeron, Rosie Constant, James Phillips, Marilyne St-Sauveur

Lighting design:
Paul Chambers

Conception costumes:
Estelle Charon

Danse-Cité & Emmanuel Jouthe | Danse Carpe Diem

Creation residencies:
Operaestate Festival Veneto


With VEGA, Emmanuel Jouthe embraces a dramaturgy quite different from his recent works while maintaining the human poetry that carries his choreography.

In this creation, he invites proximity with the audience through space. The choreographer has challenged himself to palpably render the elusive nature of imagination.


Emmanuel Jouthe is a choreographer and the artistic director of Emmanuel Jouthe/Danse Carpe Diem. He has created over fifteen works in twenty years, seeking to create a genuine closeness between audiences and dance. Politically open and socially engaged, he explores and questions the body and movement through different landscapes and diversified artistic relationships, as well as through concepts such as the other, beauty and authenticity.

In addition to his flagship work ÉCOUTE POUR VOIR (2008) and the installation ALBUM(S) to be premiered in the fall of 2021, his repertory includes the trio STACCATO RIVIÈRE (2007) and the duet WHEN WE WERE OLD (2013) in which he performed, the group works CINQ HUMEURS (2010) and SUITES PERMÉABLES (2017), as well as the outdoor performance RIGEL ET BÉTELGEUSE (2018).