Be Heintzman Hope

Switch + Poetics to Activate the Technology of the Body + Nurse Tree


May 2023, 2 — 6


In copresentation with MAI | Montréal, arts interculturels

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May 2023, 2 - 7.30 pm
May 2023, 3 - 7.30 pm 
May 2023, 4 - 7.30 pm 
May 2023, 5 - 7.30 pm 
May 2023, 6 -

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3680 Jeanne Mance str.
Montréal, QC H2X 2K5

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MAI : (514) 982-3386

Regular : 28 $ | Discounted : 22 $ | Junior & groups : 16 $
Accompanying person (for spectators with a disability) : 0 $ 


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Quick light changes,
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Switch + Poetics to Activate the Technology of the Body + Nurse Tree are three projects presented in dialogue with one another.

Drawing from strip tease, lap dance, meditation and intuitive martial arts - Switch wrestles with socialized notions of sexiness and the buddhist concept of the hungry ghost. The hungry ghost in eastern philosophy represents the insatiable hunger alive in people that leads to addiction, self harm or harm to others. Switch is a dance solo that embodies the fluid and creaturely aspects of personhood, calling upon sensation to disrupt objectification. 

Poetics to Activate the Technology of the Body is a dance video series inspired by guided meditations and the “how to” approach of a work-out video. The goal orientation of these dance videos is a monument to catching one’s breath, calming the nervous system, and a digital spa where participants are guided back into self and into sensation- through sound and dance.

Nurse Tree is an installation of body workers and the aesthetics and practices of care - that seeks to move beyond critique of the medical industrial complex to a place where alternative economies of care exist. Wrestling with the need for another vision for future while acknowledging the harms of utopic thinking. It is a proposition for another way of living, dying and caring for eachother along the way.


Be Heintzman Hope — Choreography and performance Switch 
Lucy B., Kaiden Diaz, Be Heintzman Hope, Bam Truong — Performance 
nènè myriam-konaté, Clara Furey, Nada Khashaba, Maxine Segalowitz, K.G. Guttman, Carol Prieur — Dramaturgy 
Carmen Colas — Sound weaver
Nien Tzu Weng — Lighting fairy
Alice Lepage-Acosta — Costumes 
Baco Lepage-Acosta — Video conception
Samuel Thériault — Technical direction 

Video & Images — Baco Lepage-Acosta 

Partners and supports for creation  — CCOV, Studio 303

The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of: Conseil des arts du Canada, Conseil des arts de Montréal.

A presentation Danse-Cité & MAI | Montréal, arts interculturels
A coproduction Be Heintzman Hope, MAI | Montréal, arts interculturels, Parbleux & Danse-Cité

Artistic intent

My body is a site for emotional excavation, it is the basis of my work. Unsaid things live on inside bodies, taking up space. I work to create space for the body to speak. Working with the disparate logic of words and movement, I seek to untangle how this dissonance manifests in gesture. 
The western context creates a space where the language of the body needs validation all the time through verbal and written analysis. Working in wordless imaginaries allows the nuance of tone to become a language itself. Using tone as language is a diasporic act of resistance to colonial language(s) and the loss of our mother tongue(s).
Read more : https://parbleux.com/productions-deleguees/artistes/be-heintzman-hope 

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