Sarah-Ève Grant

Moins au sujet de moi

Inspiré et interprété par Marc Boivin


Oct. 2022, 21 — 23 + Nov. 2022, 18 — 20


Studio 303

Practical Informations

Oct. 2022, 21 - 5 pm
Oct. 2022, 22 - 11 am + 8 pm
Oct. 2022, 23  - 3 pm 
Nov. 2022, 18 - 5 pm
Nov. 2022, 19 - 11 am + 8 pm
Nov. 2022, 20 - 3 pm  

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372 Sainte-Catherine West - 3rd floor
Montréal, QC H3B 1A2

Box office
Danse-Cité : (514) 525-3595

Regular : 28 $ | Discounted : 24 $
Accompanying person (for spectators with a disability) : 0 $ 


Duration of the show
60 minutes 

Show notes


For the past ten years, creator and choreographer Sarah-Ève Grant has been working on a portrait series of artists from different fields, with a specific curiosity about the people behind the art. What happens when an artist teaches and devotes their life to dance? Sarah-Ève’s work Moins au sujet de moi turns to dancer and teacher Marc Boivin. Walking the line between truth and fiction, the choreographer uses documentary fiction to show a kind of behind the scenes, share secrets, and reveal the infinitely small.


Sarah-Ève Grant — Choreography
Marc Boivin — Performance
Bertil Schulrabe — Percussion
Martin Sirois — Lighting design
Annik Hamel — Rehearsals
Carmen Ruiz — Artists support
Clémence Lavigne — Production direction
Lee Anholt — Technical direction 

Video — Jean Martin | Soundtrack — Bertil Schulrabe | Voice — Marc Boivin
Images — Jean Martin 

Partners and supports for creation — OFFTA, La Serre Arts Vivants, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, Usine C

The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of: Conseil des arts du Canada.

A presentation Danse-Cité
A coproduction Sarah-Ève Grant & Danse-Cité

Artistic intent

'Everything began with an email I wrote to Marc Boivin. We had coffee and discussed my portrait project. I offered to begin the process by observing his dance technique classes. I watched approximately 30 of Marc’s classes over the course of a year, for a total of 60 hours. I experienced every moment in class with Marc as a genuinely pleasurable performance. During our first research period in the studio, we talked. It was my opportunity to learn about him, his teaching career, and his path. I asked a lot of questions, and his answers always inspired me. I recorded our conversations, watched him, asked for his opinion, listened. I gradually confirmed that my choreographic lens would consider his teaching practice. We became closer through the research process. Today, the work is a multiplicity of layers, and only a small fraction of them are perceptible to audiences. I still have my observations notes, the theories supporting Marc’s teaching, concepts around learning, terms, audio recordings, conversations, writings, definitions. I am grateful to you, dear audience, for witnessing us at this point in our process.' — Sarah-Ève Grant

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