October 21


November 20



Moins au sujet de moi

Inspired and performed by Marc Boivin

Presented By:

Sarah-Ève Grant


Studio 303


For the past ten years, creator and choreographer Sarah-Ève Grant has been working on a portrait series of artists from different fields, with a specific curiosity about the people behind the art. What happens when an artist teaches and devotes their life to dance? Sarah-Ève’s work Moins au sujet de moi turns to dancer and teacher Marc Boivin. Walking the line between truth and fiction, the choreographer uses documentary fiction to show a kind of behind the scenes, share secrets, and reveal the infinitely small.

A choreography by Sarah-Ève Grant Inspired and performed by Marc Boivin Bertil Schulrabe — Music Gabrielle Surprenant-Lacasse, Nicolas Labelle, Ariane Boulet, Nathan Yaffe, Anouk Thériault, Kelly Keenan, Joannie Douville, Rosie Contant, Mélina Stinson, Nicolas Patry, James Phillips, Amélie Rajotte, Patrick Conan, Joël Lavoie, Thea Patterson — Dancers during the creation process Clémence Lavigne — Production manager Jean Martin — Images and videos David Wong — Images

Danse-Cité, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Canada, le OFFTA,  Circuit-Est et l’Usine C — Partners and financial supports

Martin Sirois — Lighting design Carmen Ruiz — Artists support Lee Anholt — Production manager, Danse-Cité Charles Laurier — Technical manager, Studio 303