Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous et toutes des gigueurs et gigueuses

Sophie Corriveau & Katya Montaignac

October 2019, 11. 12. 13 -- 6.30 PM

Lük Fleury-BIGICO invited Sophie Corriveau and Katya Montaignac to propose a variation on the theme of Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des danseurs. 

Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous et toutes des gigueurs et des gigueuses : this new incarnation brings together dancers from different rhythmic practices.

It is a unique forum that sets the stage for each dancer to participate according to his/her experience, sensitivity and reflection. With each contribution, dancers of different ages and disciplines, add a layer to the evening through singular testimony, in words or in body. Three evenings, weaving together thoughts, bodies and stories, will lead participants as well as spectators through multiple realities and a shared wealth of experience.

Ivanie Aubin-Malo
Nindy Banks
Sarah Bronsard
Rachel Carignan
Sébastien Chalumeau
Pierre Chartrand
Guido del Fabbro
Sarah Elola
Normand Legault
Philippe Meunier
Menka Nagrani
Antoine Turmine

Durée : 3 hours with intermission. Catering and bar on site.

Sophie Corriveau_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Alain LefortKatya Montaignac_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Julie Artacho Ivanie Aubin-Malo_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Julie ArtachoNindy Banks_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © n/aSarah Bronsard_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Anne-Marie Baribeau Rachel Carignan_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Zachary TaylorSébastien Chalumeau_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Anne-Marie BaribeauAlexis Chartrand_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Vitor MunhozPierre Chartrand_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Vitor MunozGuido Del Fabbro_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © n/aSarah Elola_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Stacyann LeeNormand Legault_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © n/aSylvie Massicotte_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Véro BoncompagniPhilippe Meunier_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Justine Latour Menka Nagrani_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Caroline Laberge Antoine Turmine_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Marie-Ève Dion Zviane_NOUS NE SOMMES-GIGUE © Catherine Ocelot

A BIGICO production, in collaboration with Sophie Corriveau and Katya Montaignac and in copresentation with Danse-Cité.

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Théâtre Aux Écuries
7285 Chabot street, Montreal
514 844-1811