Inscape - l'autre maintenant

Milan Gervais
// Human Playground

September 2019, 11. 12. 13. 14 + 18. 19. 20. 21 – 7.30 PM

At the intersection of contemporary dance and urban event design, INSCAPE - l’autre maintenant turns the function of a multi-story parking lot on its head. As a hybrid, polymorphous and wandering work, it appropriates this public space as subject and stage, forging a place for reflection and gathering. The public watches as a fleeting tribe of five individuals scale the building, their bodies eating away at the sterility of the space and infusing it with sensoriality...

Choreographer Milan Gervais and Human Playground see INSCAPE as a way of experiencing and rethinking the city, giving an artistic voice to reflections on urban infrastructure, the environmental context of this new century, as well as humanity’s present and future needs.

Choreographer : Milan Gervais
Performers : Patrick Lamothe, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Susan Paulson, Marine Rixhon, Jessica Serli
Ideation support : Hubert Lafore 
Lighting designer and stage designer : Hugo Dalphond 
Composer : Antoine Berthiaume
Costume designer : Marie-Claude Jalbert
Artistic consultant : Sophie Michaud
Technical director : Vincent Santès
Production director : Ingrid Vallus

Patrick Lamothe_INSCAPE © Simon CouturierSimon-Xavier Lefebvre _INSCAPE © Simon CouturierSusan Paulson_INSCAPE © Simon CouturierMarine Rixhon_INSCAPE © Simon CouturierJessica Serli_INSCAPE © Simon Couturier

A Danse-Cité production, in collaboration with Milan Gervais / Human Playground, and in co-presentation with SDC Wellington. With the support of Arrondissement de Verdun. With the financial support of Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Conseil des arts de Montréal.

INSCAPE is part of SDC Wellington’s project to reclassify the Ethel Street parking lot and a partner in Verdun’s initiatives as a cultural neighbourhood.

Stationnement Éthel
4015 Wellington street, Verdun
De l'Église