Elle respire encore

Jérémie Niel
| Compagnie Petrus

March 14. 15. 16, 2018 -- 7 PM + March 17, 2018 -- 4 PM

Rencontre avec les artistes : March 15th, 2018. After the show. Host : (name to come)

Who among us has not walked the city’s streets at night, peering into people’s homes? In these thousands of homes live hundreds of individuals and families—a myriad bodies, personalities, cultures, and rituals that together form a whole, an ecosystem, a micro-society that breathes together as one, despite certain rifts.

Stage director Jérémie Niel is fascinated by the place of the individual in society. In ELLE RESPIRE ENCORE, society and the human body, hyperrealist theatricality and the choreographic expression of latent emotions are gently intertwined.

Performed by a complex and protean mass of dancers, actors, performers, musicians and Homo sapiens sapiens of all ages, this Traces-Hors-Sentiers piece turns the spotlight on our emotions, our solitudes and the networks of nerves and relationships that connect us, blurring the line between dance and theatre.

**Not recommended for people under 16.**

Stage manager, choreographer : Jérémie Niel
Artistic consultant : Frédérick Gravel, Catherine Gaudet 
Dancers: Philippe Boutin, Karina Champoux, Brianna Lombardo, Peter Trosztmer, Florence Blain Mbaye, Angie Cheng, Simone Chevalot, Louki Mandalian, Samuel Bleau, Peter James, Pascale Labonté, Élizabeth Langley, Bill Coleman (+2 to come)

Music : Alexandre St-Onge 

Light designer : Régis Guyonnet 
Costumes :
Laurence Mongeau & Sylvain Genois  
Stage manager assistant : Jonathan Riverin 

Philippe Boutin © Rupert Lamontagne Karina Champoux © Nir Arieli Brianna Lombardo © Marie-Claude Meilleur Peter Trosztmer © Karin Benedict Florence Blain Mbaye © Andréanne Gauthier Samuel Bleau © Andréanne GauthierSimone Chevalot © Maude Perrin Angie Cheng © n/aBill Coleman © Bill Coleman Elizabeth Langley © Peter Trosztmer Pascale Labonté © Julie Artacho Louki Mandalian © n/aPeter James © n/a

A Danse-Cité and Pétrus coproduction, coproducted and copresented by the Agora de la danse. With the financial support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Conseil des arts de Montréal. 

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