Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des danseurs.

Sophie Corriveau | In collaboration with Katya Montaignac

May 6 to 8, 2016 at 6 PM

Rencontre avec les artistes : No Jeudi-causerie for this event.

After two years in residency at Agora de la danse, and over thirty years in dance, Sophie Corriveau is once again undertaking the Traces Interprètes project, a unique and unprecedented creative platform offered by Danse-Cité. Through an original artistic proposition focusing on the profession of the dancer, Sophie Corriveau lends voice and body to different dancers, sharing a series of singular accounts of real-life experiences.

Addressing a multi-generational community of dancers, Sophie Corriveau and Katya Montaignac open the discussion, outlining the foundations and inner workings of the dancer’s profession, along with the accompanying myths. A field for new experiences, this atypical project proposes a way of being together in a performance space in which everyone participates. An adventure featuring meetings and discoveries shared with the public. 

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Artistic Direction : Sophie Corriveau & Katya Montaignac
Performers : Johanna Bienaise, Sarah Bild, Lucie Boissinot, Marc Boivin, Dany Desjardins, Marie Claire Forté, Manon Levac, Marie Mougeolle, Dominique Porte, Manuel Roque, Daniel Soulières, Catherine Tardif, Andrew Turner, Vincent Warren, Jamie Wright
Lights : Marc Parent
Sound : Joël Lavoie 

Sophie Corriveau © Alain Lefort Katya Montaignac © Julie Artacho Johanna Bienaise © Émilie TournevacheSarah Bild © Douglas LowrieLucie Boissinot © Luc Lavergne Marc Boivin © Chris Randle Dany Desjardins © Ulysse del DragoMarie-Claire Forté © Olivier Girouard Manon Levac © Émilie Tournevache Marie Mougeolle © Émilie TournevacheDominique Porte © Tony ChongDaniel Soulières © Nicolas Ruel Catherine Tardif © Rolline Laporte Andrew Turner © André HouleVincent Warren © N/AJamie Wright © Ben PhilippiARTISTE INVITÉE (France) : Énora Rivière © Ludovic Le CousterAUTEURE INVITÉE : Sylvie Massicotte © Véro Boncompagni IMAGES & VIDÉO : Claudia Chan Tak © Julie ArtachoCONCEPTEUR SON : Joël Lavoie © Nans Bortuzzo
© Alain Lefort | Montage : Danse-Cité Carton promotionnel recto © Alain Lefort | Graphisme: Folio & GarettiCarton promotionnel verso © Alain Lefort | Graphisme: Folio & Garetti

The dancer is an author, creating a work in tandem with that of the choreographer. Through the dancer’s body, viewers unlock their own imaginations.”  – Sophie Corriveau, for Frédérique Doyon, Le Devoir, May 2015 

A Danse-Cité production in collaboration with Sophie Corriveau and Katya Montaignac and copresented by the Agora de la danse. Creative residencies: Performer in Residence program, Agora de la danse.

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