Samuel Tétreault, Les 7 doigts de la main

OCTOBER 14 TO 17 & OCTOBER 21 TO 24, 2015 AT 8 PM + OCTOBER 18 TO 25, 2015 AT 2 PM

Rencontre avec les artistes : October 16th after the show.

Gravity has always been an obstacle for humans. Every day, from our efforts devoted to rising in the morning to relaxing in the evening, life is a constant dialogue with gravity. Walking, jumping, dancing, manoeuvring… all our movements attempt to tame this force that keeps us on the ground.

 A highly skilled circus acrobat and co-artistic director of Les 7 doigts de la main, Samuel Tétreault has accepted the challenge of Danse-Cité’s Trace-Interprète, calling upon renowned choreographers and surrounding himself with acrobats and dancers of his calibre. Joining forces for the first time with other artists for a production, Les 7 doigts de la main has invited Marie Chouinard, Victor Quijada and Marcos Morau to create the three pieces of this Cirque-Danse Triptych. The result? Eight individuals reveal their true colours in their quests to defy gravity and surpass themselves. The triptych includes a duet on the awakening of the senses to movement, a circus-based piece for group that transcends physical and mental obstacles, and a quintet for virtuoso tightrope walkers. In each of them the codes of dance and circus are constantly called into question, giving rise to original creations, unlike any other, which will amaze dance enthusiasts and circus lovers alike.

Conception and Artistical Direction : Les 7 doigts de la main 
Artistical Director : Samuel Tétreault
Choreographers & Stage directors : (1) Marie Chouinard, (2) Victor Quijada, (3) Marcos Morau, Isabelle Chassé, Samuel Tétreault
Performers : Joaquim Ciocca, Marie-Ève Dicaire, Geneviève Drolet, Kyra Jean Green, Franklin Luy, Nicolas Montes de Oca, Anne Plamondon, Samuel Tétreault 
Music : (1) Louis Dufort, (2) Jasper Gahunia, (3) Nans Bortuzzo
Lights : Yan Lee Chan
Technical Director : Yves Touchette
Costumes : (1) Liz Vandal, (2&3) Camille Thibault-Bédard
Set designers : (1) Marie Chouinard, (2&3) Cloé Alain-Gendreau
Rehearsal director : Isabelle Poirier
Production director :
 Chloé Rondeau
Creative Residency : Espace Marie Chouinard, TOHU, Espace Go (Montréal), Studio B (Verdun) 

Anne Plamondon © Michael Slobodian Samuel Tétreault © Olivier TétreaultFranklin Luy © Michael Slobodian Geneviève Drolet © N/AJoaquim Ciocca © N/AKyra Jean Green © N/A Marie-Ève Dicaire © N/ANicolas Montes De Oca © N/A
(1)Anne et Samuel_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (1)Anne et Samuel_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (1)Anne et Samuel_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (2)Variations 9.81_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (2)Variations 9.81_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (2)Variations 9.81_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (3)Nocturnes_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (3)Nocturnes_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (3)Nocturnes_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (3)Nocturnes_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel (3)Nocturnes_Photographe : Nicolas Ruel

" Anyone who has seen Les 7 Doigts de la Main (the Seven Fingers of the Hand) knows that their performances are invariably an occasion to put your own ten fingers to work, applauding. Your head often gets quite a workout, too, as you shake it in disbelief. One of the most innovative and exciting troupes around.
- Don Aucoin, Boston Globe, october 3, 2014 

A production of Les 7 doigts de la main (Montreal), at the invitation of Daniel Soulières, in co-production with Sadler's Wells (London), Thomas Lightburn (Vancouver), TOHU (Montreal), Albourne (Norwalk) and Danse-Cité (Monteal). With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts de Montréal, and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

2345, rue Jarry Est, Montréal, H1Z 4P3