april 2022
28 29 30 — 19h |
may 2022
01 — 16h

Les jeux du crépuscule

Ariane Boulet



Les jeux du crépuscule invites us to question our individual and collective relationship to aging and illness. With a performance, a visual installation, a poetry collection, a workshop on copresence, a sharing circle for caregivers and a dream circle, this polyphonic event seeks to expand perspectives on the topic and foremost, to incite experiences and inner shifts.


A co·presentation with Tangente.

Artistic direction & creation:
Ariane Boulet 

Soundscapes design:
Tom Demers

Outside eye:
Nicolas Filion, Sophie Michaud, Sarah-Ève Grant

Robin Pineda-Gould

Researcher in technologies of consciousness and presence:
Stefanie Blain-Moraes

Visual artist:
Marie-Hélène Bellavance 

Danse-Cité, Je suis Julio

Financial supports:
Conseil des arts du Canada, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal, Ville de Montréal

Illustration Lucy M. May · Photo Emily Gan

Musical direction & composition:
Marie Vallée 

Audrey Bergeron, Joannie Douville, Lucy May, Isabelle Poirier, David Rancourt, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, Julie Tymchuk

Lighting & set design:
Audrée Lewka 

Mediator & psychologist:
Florence Vinit

Poet & psychiatrist:
Ouanessa Younsi

Poetic text:
Clémence Dumas-Côté

Danse-Cité, Tangente

Residencies & partners:
Pôle Territoire Danse, en collaboration avec le Musée d’art de Joliette, le Centre culturel Desjardins, le Carrefour culturel de Notre-Dame-des-Prairies et Diffusion Hector-Charland, CCOV, Studio 303, Espace le vrai monde?, Maison de la culture Rosemont Petite-Patrie.


“Les jeux du crépuscule destines us to celebrate the dignity of a person’s entire existence, and to the embodied and metaphysical sites of its emergence: relationships, force fields and levels of consciousness. The work invites us to take root in life, acquiescing to its mystery and trusting underground sources of nourishment.

The event stems from six years of visiting and dancing in long-term care facilities with the project Movement de passage. I offer a witness-work that transcends the physical, sensory, and emotional memories of all the artists that have touched the project. I am asking the essential questions that emerged from this substantial and transformative experience. Movement de passage taught me that listening, being present and open to be touched by others could dissolve traditional socially assigned roles. The people living in long-term care facilities unexpectedly provoked this incredible upheaval, leading us to access something else.

With Jeux du crépuscule, we move beyond sharing accounts that metabolize the experience of participating dancers and musicians. My art reflects the deep and singular experience manifest in an encounter when strangers are fully present to each other. Recalling the surprising collection of people in one long-term care home in particular, I highlight both the humour and the depth of relationships in this location. I also hope to soften boundaries between generations and shift perceptions on the role and contribution of seniors in the social realm. Disrupting conventional beliefs, the event is conceived as a manifesto for illness as an integral part of health, as a process, as transformation. We age at the same rate. To encounter other generations is to encounter different parts of ourselves. Our inner frailty is tasked with enchanting the world anew.”

​​— Ariane Boulet