Nien Tzu Weng

光影 光陰 (Guāngyǐng guāngyīn)


May, 2024 (To come)


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Practical Informations

Informations to come.



Artistic direction and performance: Nien Tzu Weng
Consultant of material and costume: Marie-Audrey Jacques
Rope artist and assistant scenographer: Isaac Chanoki Endo
Audiovisual composer: Myriam Bleau
Outside eye and camera performer: Camille Lacelle-Wilsey
Outside eye and dramaturge: Winnie Ho
Consultant of line and balance in circus: François Bouvier
Light design consultant: Paul Chambers
Consultant of electronic robotic building: Olivier Landry-Gagnon
Online digital artist: Naoto Hieda
AR experience consultant: Timothy Thomasson
Film maker: Vjosana Shkurti, Kevin Park Jung-Hoo

Presented by Danse-Cité and Festival Accès Asie
Produced by Nien Tzu Weng, Danse-Cité and Festival Accès Asie
Curated by Ellen Furey and Sophie Corriveau 

光影 光陰 (Guāngyǐng guāngyīn) is made possible thanks to the financial support of Canada Council for the Arts, MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and Festival Accès Asie.

Artistic intent

(I practice on being present.) 我在練習活在當下。我(I)認為(thought)我們所認知(awareness) 的一切(every existent pixels),都是時間(time)和空間(space)的轉變(conversion, transformation)。我們(our)的知覺(perceptions),感官(senses)和意識(consciousness)都是時空(spacetime)交錯(intertwined)的幻象(illusion)。這些幻象(optical illusion)時常(often, most of the time)讓我們誤(error, mistaken, by accident)以為(think, consider)我們(every existent)是(is, are, was, were, will)存在(exist)的,然而我(I, myself, me)相信(believe)要能夠(in order to)達到(achieve, reach)無我(selflessness, self-effacement)的境界(state),才能感受(experience)到真正(real, true)的存在(existence)。  待續...... (To be continued) 

My creative process involves language barrier, internal dialogues between western and eastern philosophies, questions on cross generational and culture ideology. My performances often include issues of gender equality, personal identity, and playing dynamics between audiences and performers, and I am looking to facilitate a space that reflects diverse perspectives.

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