Aisha Sasha John



Sept. 2022, 29 — Oct. 2022, 1


La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines

Practical Informations

Sept. 2022, 29 - 7.30 pm
Sept. 2022, 30 - 7.30 pm * Talk back after the show. Facilitator: Angélique Wilkie
Octobre 2022, 1st - 8 pm 

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3700 Saint Dominique str.
Montréal, QC H2X 2X7

Box office
La Chapelle : (514) 843-7738
Box office La Chapelle

Regular : 30 $ | Discounted : 25 $ | Jour de fête (Premiere) : 15 $ | Junior : 15 $
Accompanying person (for spectators with a disability) : 0 $ 


Duration of the show
60 minutes 

Show notes
English texts 


Montreal, summer 2015: I fell asleep to a question and was answered in the form of a dream: Diana Ross on Broadway in a sea of rose gold costumed dancers—a dream of spiritedness and belonging so vivid as to announce itself as instruction, as a call. 

In DIANA ROSS DREAM, Black being-together is the condition for community. This is a dream in which we dance relation, our movement motivated by the energy of encounter— with each other and with uncertainty itself. Fundamentally, we elect to be seen being, understanding movement as a technology for and of feeling. An ethics of not-knowing cherishes our interactions: we receive; we await; we let the bird find our finger. This, our vesselhood, we know to be ancient and eternal, miracle and ordinary.


Aisha Sasha John — Choreography & concept
Aisha Sasha John, Devon Snell — Performance
Marcus "Ademi" Paris-Johnson, Tyra Temple-Smith — Development period artist
Evan Webber, Ellen Furey — Outside eyes
Dedra McDermott, Kalale Dalton-Lutale — Artistic witnesses
Karine Gauthier, Sam Skynner
— Lighting design
Nyda Kwasowsky, Devon Snell — Costumes
New Chance, Amy Manusov
— Sound/Music
*Original use of New Chance music (Victoria Cheong)

Videos — Gillian Mapp | Editing — Faraz Anoushahpour | Soundtrack — New Chance/Amy Manusov
Images — Henry Chan

Partners and supports for creation — Dancemakers, La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Citadel + Compagnie, Toronto Dance Theater  

A presentation Danse-Cité
A coproduction Aisha Sasha John, Dancemakers & Danse-Cité

Artistic intent

'I am working on encounter: on dancing together
To face the other and to not resist nor insist upon the joining of eyes
To have an orientation that acknowledges
The cosmos within and without
To situate one’s body in rhythm and in space—to play air
To antennae 
In pleasure and in need
To listen
To await 
To be told:
The information is in the form of 

To be willing to discover 
To be an explorer 
To arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive 
To meet the mystery 
The boundless mystery of the other and 
The terrifying unknown of the self 
To dance listening 

To let yes mean yes 
To let no mean no 
On our bodies 

In DIANA ROSS DREAM I am studying the mechanics of loving'
— Aisha Sasha John  

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Acknowledgements by Danse-Cité