Espace Recherche


Launched in February 2021 and running from February 22 to March 14, Espace Recherche hosted six creative teams in the studio and theatre of the Mainline Theatre. Each team had seven days to practice, free of production or promotion imperatives. A meeting and conversation between artists was held every Friday.

Sophie Corriveau and Ellen Furey are currently working towards a second edition of this event.

Artists participating in the first Espace Recherche were Kim-Sanh Châu + Louise Michel Jackson, Hanako Hoshimi Caines + Erin Hill, Alexandra Landé “Spicey” — Jean-Édouard “Sangwn” Pierre Toussaint + Samuel “Ssam” Lord + Frédérique “Pax” Dumas, Victoria Mackenzie “Vicversa” + Ja + Nubian Nene + Sshash’u + Easy C & Pénélope Martel Gromko + Silvia Sanchez + Pamela Gomez Widman.

Artists Residencies

In 2020, through the Canada Arts Council and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec’s emergency funds and in partnership with the MAI, Montréal, arts interculturels, the Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal, Par B.L.eux and Studio 303, Danse-Cité offered research and creation residencies to seven dance artists.

Research and creation spaces are the heart and soul of an artist’s practice and integral to its sustainability. Danse-Cité is working to establish these residencies periods as an ongoing activity of the organization to foster the development of dance and choreographic practice as an expanding artistic discipline.

residencies 20-21 season

La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model N0 QT3XP0C · Elle Barbara

Aug 02, 2021 - Aug 28, 2021

Extended residency + open rehearsal site + event

La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model N0 QT3XP0C acts as the research and creation site for Ayibobo™ III: Little Dollhouse on the Prairie. Taking up residence for 1 month in Montréal, La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model No QT3XP0C is a site for experimentation for the community, supporting the production of experimental films and some one-off events. There will also be a harm-reduction information table and a workshop that will be facilitated by ASTTeQ, a trans health organization in Montréal. This autonomous space is geared toward empowering community members to appear and define practices on their own terms, and to engage in sustained artistic exchange with one another. The venue will serve as a drop-in site for the public, giving an exclusive peek into the creative hub that is La Factory.

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Aug 02 - Aug 28

Mainline Theater

La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model N0 QT3XP0C · Elle Barbara

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