"Partie remise" for 18 P_R_A_C_T_I_C_E_S

Danse-Cité confirms the cancellation of Andrew Turner's show, 18 P_R_A_C_T_I_C_E_S, scheduled for April 14 to 18 at Théâtre La Chapelle. The choreographer and his team, with the support of Danse-Cité, have chosen to postpone the next stage of creation and performances of 18 P_R_A_C_T_I_C_E_S to better times. It won’t be long, however : the artist will be back next season.

From February 22 to 26, 2021, Andrew held a final technical residency at the Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal with his collaborators. He shares his thoughts with us here.

“It was after long reflection that we decided on this postponement. Now on-and-off three years in the making, with creation periods in Switzerland, Sweden and Gaspésie, the piece was starting to get twitchy: too many neurons firing, faced with the Schrodinger's-cat uncertainty of a premiere that might fully happen or might fully not happen. Pushing the show back felt (and feels) like the sanest choice.

Having made the call, our residency at Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal was a dive into the satisfactions of working and making work: busying ourselves with the energetic sheddings of a performing body; thinking about time; stitching together different textures of experience

This solo now goes back in its box for a moment, as a cluster of excited particles. As constellations of information housed in our brains and notebooks and on our phones – scribbled notes, half-thoughts, temperatures, sounds, a broom-helmet —waiting to light up again when the switch flips back on. 

A huge thanks to my team —  Paul Chambers(lighting), Thea Patterson,Amélie Rajotteand Anne Thérault(dramaturgical advisors) and David Drury(sound) — as well as my partners — Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique (Montreal), Théâtre Sévelin 36 (Lausanne),Tangente (Montreal), Milvus Artistic Research Center (Knislinge), Salon 58 (Marsoui, Québec), The Stable (Montreal)and theMaison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal (Montréal) — for their support.

I’d also like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal for their financial contribution."

Andrew Turner

Photo: Julie Artacho