The 2020-2021 season continues to have its twists and turns, as we announce the cancellation of the February 2021 presentation of choreographer Aurélie Pedron’s piece INVISIBLE. Rest assured, however, the show and its magnificent array of collaborators is only postponed to Winter 2022. INVISIBLE is a collaboration of Montréal Danse, Lilith & Cie, and Danse-Cité; the adventure will continue.

A few words about INVISIBLE

INVISIBLE weaves, rolls and unfolds into an infinite spiral through suspended time. The work is carried by ten dancers in an uninterrupted performance lasting four days and three nights. Tranquility and intoxication, sharing and solitude alternate and overlap. Everything is possible, nothing is imposed. The audience is invited to fill the space with their mere presence or to intervene by adding sound, texts, music, noises from nature or personal recordings by using audio stations set up in the venue. INVISIBLE “reflects the overarching social game that we all play.” Aurélie Pedron

We would like to warmly acknowledge the work of Aurélie Pedron and her team for the resilience they have all shown in the current situation: dancers Ariane Boulet, Tony Chong, Rachel Harris, Emmanuel Jouthe, Aurélie Pedron, Isabelle Poirier, David Rancourt, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, and Zoë Vos, along with Kathy Casey (dramaturgy), Samuel Thériault (technical direction), Kevin Pinvidic (set design), Hugo Dalphond (lighting design), Alexandre Burton (interactive sound environment). We look forward to continuing our journey into the heart of the 2021-2022 season.

We wish you Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing you in 2021.


Photo:  Ariane Boulet, Zoë Vos et David Rancourt     Photographe : Do Phan Hoi