Danse-Cité begins a collaboration with the Artist Elle Barbara and the iconic House of Barbara.

House of Barbara

Upcoming : 
La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model N0 QT3XP0C

Extended residency + open rehearsal site + event | Août 2021 

La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model N0 QT3XP0C will act as the research and creation site for Ayibobo™ III: Little Dollhouse on the Prairie. Taking up residence for 1 month in Montreal, La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model No QT3XP0C will be a site for experimentation for the community. A specific program will be unveiled soon. There will also be a harm-reduction info table/workshop that will be facilitated by ASTTeQ, a trans health organization in Montreal. This autonomous space is geared toward empowering community members to appear and define their practices on their own terms, and to engage in sustained artistic exchange with one another. The public will be welcomed at key moments to get an exclusive peek into the creative hub that is La Factory.

Discover Elle Barbara & House of Barbara.