July 7, 2021

Upcoming : 
La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model N0 QT3XP0C

Extended residency + open rehearsal site + event | Août 2021 

La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model N0 QT3XP0C will act as the research and creation site for Ayibobo™ III: Little Dollhouse on the Prairie. Taking up residence for 1 month in Montreal, La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model No QT3XP0C will be a site for experimentation for the community. A specific program will be unveiled soon. There will also be a harm-reduction info table/workshop that will be facilitated by ASTTeQ, a trans health organization in Montreal. This autonomous space is geared toward empowering community members to appear and define their practices on their own terms, and to engage in sustained artistic exchange with one another. The public will be welcomed at key moments to get an exclusive peek into the creative hub that is La Factory.

Discover Elle Barbara & House of Barbara. 

March 17, 2021

Montreal, March 18, 2021 —  Danse-Cité and the company Pétrus are delighted to announce the presentation of FACE-À-FACE, a piece initially scheduled for April 2020. Running from April 6 to 11 for eight performances, this new creation by Jérémie Niel will mark the public's long-awaited return to Montreal theatres.

In FACE-À-FACE, choreographer-dancer Louise Bédard and director Félix-Antoine Boutin look into each other's eyes, question each other, attempt to put into words the quest for beauty and the absolute in their respective arts, looking for the threads and cracks in each of their disciplines.

For the first time, these performer-creators question each other about their creative processes, their conception of the performing arts, the various quests that have marked their path from project to project, studio to studio, production to production. Which leads them to talk about dance, theatre, romanticism, landscape, abstraction, politics, morality, critical thinking, sensitivity, ambiguity... Before the public, they transform the Théâtre La Chapelle into a forum in which the meeting of theatre and dance is reimagined.

What bridges will be erected? Where will all this lead? Is there a way out, a possible outcome?

Jérémie Niel, Stage Director and Artistic Director of Pétrus, orchestrates this head-to-head encounter, relying on the choreographic and dramaturgical assistance of his long-time collaborator, choreographer Catherine Gaudet. Following the success of his last creation, Noir, presented at the Théâtre de Quat'Sous in January 2019, he is continuing his quest to departition the codes of the performing arts, and to fuse—perhaps impossibly—the two solitudes within his artistic soul: dance and theatre.


Over the course of his career, Jérémie Niel has directed over a dozen works, presented at such venues as the Théâtre La Chapelle, Agora de la danse, Usine C, Théâtre Prospero, Théâtre de Quat'Sous, Festival TransAmériques, the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, and the Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris. He also regularly collaborates, at the invitation of various producers, on the creation and staging of numerous projects with other companies, notably the musical groups We are Wolves and Dear Criminals.

FACE-À-FACE, not to be missed on April 6, 7, 8, 9 at 7 p.m.  and April 10, 11 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Limited seating.
At La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines: 3700 Saint-Dominique Street, Montreal
Tickets: | 514 843-7738  | $20 to $30 

Co-produced by Danse-Cité and Pétrus | Created and directed by Jérémie Niel | Choreographed by Catherine Gaudet | Assistant Director Ariane Lamarre | Performers Louise Bédard and Félix-Antoine Boutin | Lighting Design Cédric Delorme-Bouchard | Sound Design Jean-Sébastien Côté and Ariane Lamarre | Costume Design Léonie Blanchet | Props Karine Galarneau | Production Manager Kevin Bergeron | Technical Director and Stage Manager Jérôme Guilleaume | Video and Trailer Sylvio Arriola | Sound Recording and Mixing Julia Innes | Photos Fabrice Gaëtan.

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts de Montréal.

For 39 years, Danse-Cité has contributed to the development of dance practices and contemporary creation. The organization assists artists with their artistic process, from the birth of an idea to its presentation to audiences. It also supports the emergence of new forms of creativity, and devotes its efforts to self-critical and sustainable structural work aimed at redefining its relationships with racialized and Indigenous artists. In addition, it seeks to promote universal access to the arts.

Founded in Montreal in 2005 by director Jérémie Niel, Pétrus has created, produced and presented 12 contemporary works. Pétrus creates landscape theatre, far from the noise, at the frontiers of disciplines. It strives to create full, romantic and ambiguous worlds for audiences that are wholly immersed, engaged by all the senses.

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Francine Arsenault, Danse-Cité | ­| 514 812-7068
Valérie Grig, RuGicomm | | 514 812-3858

Photo: Fabrice Gaëtan

March 10, 2021

Danse-Cité confirms the cancellation of Andrew Turner's show, 18 P_R_A_C_T_I_C_E_S, scheduled for April 14 to 18 at Théâtre La Chapelle. The choreographer and his team, with the support of Danse-Cité, have chosen to postpone the next stage of creation and performances of 18 P_R_A_C_T_I_C_E_S to better times. It won’t be long, however : the artist will be back next season.

From February 22 to 26, 2021, Andrew held a final technical residency at the Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal with his collaborators. He shares his thoughts with us here.

“It was after long reflection that we decided on this postponement. Now on-and-off three years in the making, with creation periods in Switzerland, Sweden and Gaspésie, the piece was starting to get twitchy: too many neurons firing, faced with the Schrodinger's-cat uncertainty of a premiere that might fully happen or might fully not happen. Pushing the show back felt (and feels) like the sanest choice.

Having made the call, our residency at Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal was a dive into the satisfactions of working and making work: busying ourselves with the energetic sheddings of a performing body; thinking about time; stitching together different textures of experience

This solo now goes back in its box for a moment, as a cluster of excited particles. As constellations of information housed in our brains and notebooks and on our phones – scribbled notes, half-thoughts, temperatures, sounds, a broom-helmet —waiting to light up again when the switch flips back on. 

A huge thanks to my team —  Paul Chambers(lighting), Thea Patterson,Amélie Rajotteand Anne Thérault(dramaturgical advisors) and David Drury(sound) — as well as my partners — Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique (Montreal), Théâtre Sévelin 36 (Lausanne),Tangente (Montreal), Milvus Artistic Research Center (Knislinge), Salon 58 (Marsoui, Québec), The Stable (Montreal)and theMaison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal (Montréal) — for their support.

I’d also like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal for their financial contribution."

Andrew Turner

Photo: Julie Artacho

February 23, 2021

In the context of an ongoing health crisis that continues to disrupt the normal course of things, Danse-Cité is determined to keep artists working by offering them space(s) and time, with no production obligations.

Work labs and pure research are crucial elements in the chain of creation leading to the emergence and/or blossoming of new and innovative works. By setting up espaces recherche, Danse-Cité is aiming to strengthen the research and creation spheres that are integral to its mission.

From February 22 to March 14, espaces recherche will launch its platform, hosting six creative teams at MainLine Theatre's studio and performance hall. Each group of artists will have access to the venue for a period of seven days, at hours convenient to them.

Dreaming, creating, experimenting, observing, taking the time, conversing.

Exchanges and discussions between the teams occupying the two spaces, each for one week, will take place at midday on Fridays.

The first artists invited to Espaces recherche
— Kim-Sanh Châu + Louise Michel Jackson
— Hanako Hoshimi-Caines + Erin Hill
— Alexandra Landé “Spicey” + Jean-Édouard “Sangwn” Pierre Toussaint +  Samuel “Ssam” Lord + Frédérique “Pax” Dumas
— Victoria MacKenzie “VicVersa” + Ja + Nubian Nene + Shash’U + Easy C
— Pénélope Martel Gromko + Silvia Sanchez + Pamela Gómez Widman

Since the beginning of the season, six artists have already benefited from paid residencies offered by Danse-Cité, thanks to the collaboration of MAI, Studio 303, Par B.L.eux and the Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal. These partners have provided support to artists Jordan Brown, Justin de Luna, Marie-Reine Kabasha, Maria Kefirova, Soleil Launière, Nassim Lootij and (soon) Andrew Turnerespaces recherche is giving a new impetus to this initiative, one that we hope will continue over time.

Danse-Cité would like to thank its partners, as well as the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, whose emergency funds allotted during the pandemic have made this initiative possible. 


January 20, 2021

If you missed it first time around, Danse-Cité is inviting you to discover Helen Simard’s Papillon, from February 12 at noon to February 14 at 11 p.m. on the platform. Arising from constraints but also from new possibilities, the work premiered in a live stream on November 5 from the stage of the Théâtre La Chapelle, co-directed by Frédéric Baune and Helen Simard. It was rebroadcast for the first time from November 13 to 15.

In Papillon, the theme of chaos inspired the creation of three solos that are both distinct and complementary, performed by Nindy Banks, Jean-Pierre Mecdy and Victoria Mackenzie to a musical score by Roger White, Rémy Saminadin and Ted Yates, who also appear on stage. The images captured by several cameras draw us into the very heart of the choreographer's world. They quickly make us forget that the dance is unfolding on a computer screen. Tickets: $10.

Read Léa Villalba’s article from Le Devoir
Read Victor Swoboda’s article from Dance International

Listen to the ConfiDanse podcast by Ariane Famelart with Helen Simard


Another original webcast: VERSO by Audrey Bergeron

On September 11 and 12, 2020, Danse-Cité opened its new season with a virtual presentation of Audrey Bergeron’s Verso. This marked the first digital production for both the organization and the artist. The piece was webcast live from the stage of the Prospero Theatre, in an adaptation by Frédéric Baune. Inspired by black-and-white silent films, Verso brings together a quartet of female dancers and a pianist in a poetic and imaginatively manipulated choreographic montage. Today, the work can be viewed at all times on the website. With Kim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, Jessica Serli and Audrey Bergeron, as well as pianist Roman Zavada. Ticket : $6,49.


Photo : Nindy Banks    © Do Phan Hoi


January 14, 2021

Danse-Cité is pleased to welcome Carmen Ruiz to the coordination of the organisation's audiodescription project.

Carmen is part of the 10th cohort of the Conseil des arts de Montréal's DémART-Mtl program dedicated to the integration of artists and cultural workers from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Born in Colombia, Carmen holds a Bachelor's degree in Hispano-American literature and a Bachelor's degree in contemporary dance from Concordia University. She recently completed a DES as an agent. Creator, performer and teacher of contemporary dance, she founded the interdisciplinary music group GYPSY KUMBIA ORCHESTRA in 2012. She also coordinates the GIROVAGO organisation, which supports the creation, production and promotion of art in movement.

We welcome her.

For more information on the audiodescription:
For more information on DémART:

December 15, 2020

The 2020-2021 season continues to have its twists and turns, as we announce the cancellation of the February 2021 presentation of choreographer Aurélie Pedron’s piece INVISIBLE. Rest assured, however, the show and its magnificent array of collaborators is only postponed to Winter 2022. INVISIBLE is a collaboration of Montréal Danse, Lilith & Cie, and Danse-Cité; the adventure will continue.

A few words about INVISIBLE

INVISIBLE weaves, rolls and unfolds into an infinite spiral through suspended time. The work is carried by ten dancers in an uninterrupted performance lasting four days and three nights. Tranquility and intoxication, sharing and solitude alternate and overlap. Everything is possible, nothing is imposed. The audience is invited to fill the space with their mere presence or to intervene by adding sound, texts, music, noises from nature or personal recordings by using audio stations set up in the venue. INVISIBLE “reflects the overarching social game that we all play.” Aurélie Pedron

We would like to warmly acknowledge the work of Aurélie Pedron and her team for the resilience they have all shown in the current situation: dancers Ariane Boulet, Tony Chong, Rachel Harris, Emmanuel Jouthe, Aurélie Pedron, Isabelle Poirier, David Rancourt, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, and Zoë Vos, along with Kathy Casey (dramaturgy), Samuel Thériault (technical direction), Kevin Pinvidic (set design), Hugo Dalphond (lighting design), Alexandre Burton (interactive sound environment). We look forward to continuing our journey into the heart of the 2021-2022 season.

We wish you Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing you in 2021.


Photo:  Ariane Boulet, Zoë Vos et David Rancourt     Photographe : Do Phan Hoi

November 27, 2020

Les Luncheries of Diagramme is a platform for exchange and discussion around issues facing artists and creative and production organizations.
For the last Luncherie of 2020, Danse-Cité and Diagramme have joined forces to produce a special edition of the event on the theme of the emergence of webcasting in the performing arts.
On Wednesday, December 9, from noon to 1:30 pm
, connect to this online Luncherie, which will take the form of a roundtable discussion moderated by Sophie Michaud.
Guests Frédéric Baune, Audrey Bergeron, Sophie Corriveau, Francis Perreault and Helen Simard will share their experiences and views on the following questions: Can a work that was not created for the web adapt to this presentation format? What are the greatest challenges in webcasting? How does webcasting differ from indoor presentations in terms of costs and resources? What are the legal aspects?

Reservation by December 8:

More info:

October 8, 2020

At La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines
A show about chaos, created partly on ZOOM, during a pandemic.

Montreal, October 8, 2020 — The second Danse-Cité show of the season, PAPILLON, a new creation by Helen Simard, juxtaposes three solos and a live experimental soundtrack in a complex trio that explores the tenuous boundaries between order and disorder. 

The eight performances at La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines planned for October 28 to November 7, 2020, were already SOLD OUT before the recent announcement closing the theatres. The show will finally open on October 29 at 7:30 p.m. If no restrictions due to the pandemic are announced, the performances will continue until November 7. Stay tuned for possible additional performances! Also, to fulfill its desire to reach a broader audience, Danse-Cité is inviting spectators of all stripes, young and old, to watch a LIVE STREAM of the 60-minute piece on November 5 at 7:30 p.m., co-directed by Frédéric Baune and Helen Simard from the La Chapelle stage. Also available on the Web from November 13, noon, to November 15, 6 pm. Tickets at

Mecdy Jean-Pierre, Victoria Mackenzie  © Claudia Chan Tak


Last March, Helen Simard and her team quickly readjusted their creative processes and threw themselves into the research of PAPILLON on Zoom. Now in the last stretch of creation, the work is woven through with all the restrictions required by the pandemic, but above all with all the possibilities that emerged from it. It was built on a shifting surface, in a changing and uncertain reality. The work is supported by three dancers and three extraordinary musicians: Nindy Banks, Victoria Mackenzie and Mecdy Jean-Pierre, as well as Rémy Saminadin, Roger White and Ted Yates. This is no longer merely a show, but an entire process of adaptation and living. From the aridity of mandatory physical distancing, and the suddenly apparent lack of empathy in our society, PAPILLON emerges wings beating.

The concepts of repetition, fractals, strange attractors, feedback loops and spontaneous order – all constitutive elements of chaos theory – were sources of inspiration that oriented the composition of the three distinct but complementary solos and an improvised musical score. 

Like a puzzle, PAPILLON speaks of metamorphosis, the cyclical nature of the self – change, loss, grief, acceptance and growth – the strangeness that lives inside us, finding freedom in confinement, loneliness and togetherness, and the importance of human connection. The piece is a structured improvisation. The work brings together movement phrases, concepts, embodied states and poetic images. Starting from common movements, the initial material has been stretched and manipulated by each performer’s reinterpretation, bringing to light their singularity. 

Watch the trailer:


A compelling personality in contemporary dance, Helen Simard holds a BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University (2000) and an MA in dance from UQAM (2014). Since the beginning of her career, she has been interested in street dance, contemporary dance and performative practices. From 2000 to 2011, she worked with the urban contemporary dance collective Solid State Breakdance, where she emerged as a unique creator. With Solid State, she collaborated on nine shows that were presented throughout Canada and Europe. Since then she has worked with dancers and musicians in studio on unconventional interdisciplinary performances. Her works include On the Subject of Compassion (2011), Can You Hear Me? (2017) and Dance Side of the Moon (2018), as well as the trilogy of NO FUN (2014), IDIOT (2017) and REQUIEM POP (2019), inspired by the American punk icon Iggy Pop. Helen is currently artist-in-residence at Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal until 2021. She is using this opportunity to write her first play, when your baby dies. She recently founded her own company, Créations Interdisciplinaires We All Fall Down, with musician and composer Roger White. Under their joint artistic direction, WAFD promotes live performance as a site of experimentation and risk-taking to deconstruct/reinvent the body and its ways of relating to time and space. 


For the last 39 years, Danse-Cité has contributed to the evolution of dance practices and contemporary creation. The organization supports artists as they develop and unfold their artistic process, from the inception of an idea to its presentation before an audience. It supports the emergence of new authorship, is invested in self-critical and sustainable structural work, with a view to redefining its relationships with racialized and Indigenous artists. It also seeks to promote universal access to the arts. 



Oct. 29. 30. > 7:30 p.m. | Nov. 1 > 2:00 p.m. + 7:30 p.m. | Nov. 2. 6. 7. > 7:30 p.m.
La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, 3700 Saint-Dominique, Montreal
Tickets: $20 to $30 | | 514 843-7738


Nov. 5 > 7:30 p.m.
Co-directed by Frédéric Baune & Helen Simard, from the stage of La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines
Tickets: $6.50 |


Nov.13 > Noon, to Nov.15 > 6 p.m.
Tickets: $6.50 |


PAPILLON will be preceded by a performance by Marie-Reine Kabasha on November 2 


French-language media
Francine Arsenault   
Communications, Danse-Cité  
514 525-3595 |

English-language media
Sarah G. LaForce
Créations Interdisciplinaires We All Fall Down
438 350-0212 |

October 4, 2020

October marks the arrival of Martin Bélanger as the new Administrative Director of Danse-Cité. Martin is taking over from Éric Smith, who will be taking his well-deserved retirement after eight years of loyal service.

“I’m truly delighted that Martin has agreed to join the Danse-Cité team," said Executive and Artistic Director Sophie Corriveau. “His diverse experience, knowledge of the community, open-mindedness and artistic sensitivity will be great assets to the organization. The Danse-Cité team is small, and every person plays a key role. In this era of transformation that is the spirit behind Danse-Cité, he’ll be a valuable accomplice.”

A graduate in dance from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Martin has been active on the art scene since 1992. As a performer, actor, collaborator, consultant and choreographer, he has been involved in fields ranging from experimental theatre to contemporary dance and multidisciplinary work. He has created and presented shows around the world and worked with numerous dance creators as an independent artist or with his own company, Productions Laps, which he founded in 2004. As a cultural worker, he has collaborated on various production and management projects with DLD - Daniel Léveillé Danse, PME-Art and Par B.L.eux. He also held the position of Program Officer at the Canada Council for the Arts from 2013 to 2016.

The members of the Board of Directors join the Danse-Cité team in welcoming Martin and in warmly thanking Éric Smith for his significant contribution to the development of Danse-Cité.