Lever de rideau | Opening Act

With the Caisse de la Culture Desjardins’ support, Danse-Cité will invite emerging artists and|or artists’ whose practices are exploring new horizons, pairing them with productions in the season’s program. Artists will present short pieces (from 5 to 20 minutes in length) as an opening act for one show. Each will receive a creation and presentation fee.

We are curious: how will the juxtaposition of a more informal or punctual choreographic experience sit with a more involved production? How will this shift our perception as audience? Might this positively impact our reading of both pieces? Does sharing a work in process humanize the brilliance of a more finished work and vice versa?

For this first year, artists have been selected by the Advisor, Programming and Artistic Activities and the Artistic and General Director, in consultation with the season’s artists.

This fall, a Lever de rideau | Opening Act has been proposed to Marie-Reine Kabasha. She will present her work preceding Helen Simard’s Papillon at La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines on November 2,  at 7:30 p.m (cancelled).




Photo : RoyalAlbert

Active on the Montreal dance scene since 2013, Marie-Reine MQueen Kabasha combines her love of movement of all kinds with her pleasure of sharing in all her practices. Whether she be working freestyle, or in the theater, every opportunity for expression nourishes her. Her collaborations lead her to work with leading figures in urban dance in Montreal and internationally. She joined the company EBNFLOH (founded by Alexandra Spicey Landé) in 2014, and became a part of the company Tentacle Tribe in 2016. In 2019 she also collaborated with the Parisian waacking collective Ma Dame Paris. Marie-Reine Kabasha has a growing interest in research and creation. In 2013, she co-created the piece TNM with Christina Paquette, which was presented at the Festival de danses urbaines 100Lux and Orbite, in 2018, as part of the OFFta festival. She is currently undertaking a research project on her own language called Trigger point.