Daniel Soulières


Daniel Soulières founded Danse-Cité in 1982. As its general manager and artistic director for nearly 40 years, he supported more than 305 creations, from generative idea all the way to stage production. In March 2020, he handed the reins of the company over to Sophie Corriveau.

As a performer, Daniel Soulières has been involved in over 200 pieces by about 50 different choreographers. He has danced in more than 1,000 performances in North America, Europe, and Australia. As a solo performer, he has worked for choreographers Louise Bédard, Danièle Desnoyers, James Kudelka and Linda Rabin. Starting with Dix minutes, the 1980 two-performer choreography that later became a solo piece, he danced in most of Jean-Pierre Perreault’s works, remaining deeply involved in the Perreauesque universe for over 20 years. He has also worked for several pioneers of Quebec contemporary dance, including Françoise Riopelle, Françoise Sullivan and Jeanne Renaud, and for choreographers of the next generation, such as Michèle Rioux, Roger Sinha, David Pressault, Estelle Clareton and Dominique Porte. He has worked with stage directors Denis Marleau of UBU compagnie de creation and Gilles Maheu of Carbone 14, and has collaborated on 15 films, including Sullivan by Françoise Dugré (2010), Élégie by Bernar Hébert (2004), La fin de la voix by Olivier Asselin (2002) and Mozart, l'enfant de la musique by Raymond St-Jean (1999).

Daniel Soulières is a founding member of the Regroupement québécois de la danse. He was also involved in the establishment of Diagramme gestion culturelle, an organization that provides support and management services to artists and cultural organizations in the fields of dance and circus arts, helping them bring their artistic projects to fruition.

In 1989, Daniel Soulières received the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts. In 2002, he was a finalist in the dance category of the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal.


Photo : Daniel soulières   © Nicolas Ruel