Par le chas de l'aiguille

Audrey Bergeron
JANUARY 14 to 16 + JANUARY 21 to 23, 2016 AT 8 PM
Jeudis-causeries : January 21srt after the show.
Cinquième Salle - Place des Arts
175, Sainte-Catherine W. Street, Montréal
Place des Arts
Place des Arts Ticket Office : 514.842.2112

Three women share the same stage without ever meeting. Although they come close physically, they remain invisible to one other. Their only connections are their shared presences in time and space. In quest of an identity, they each construct a body for themselves. As incarnations of madness, control or wanderlust, they manage to transcend their loneliness… Intrigued by the possible relationship between theatrical representation and cinematic language, the young Montreal choreographer Audrey Bergeron has focused her research on reproducing, through dance and its codes, the long-familiar rhythmic processes and actions of film. Close-ups, speeded-up and slow-motion, stop-frame and other in-camera effects are employed in this dynamic gestural mosaic full of contrasts. Power and delicacy, forcefulness and fluidity appear in equal measure in this abstract work, this poetic world steeped in illusion, in references both theatrical and familiar.

Par le chas de l’aiguille is an impressionistic visual experience, a portrait of femininity in three phases, which turns on a multiplication of perspectives. Its lighting, stage design and sound processing ingeniously renew our perception of the dancing body, allowing us an intimate, inside glimpse of the art of movement. 

Choreographer : Audrey Bergeron
In association with the perfomers : Kim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger et Jessica Serli
Rehearsal director : Marianne Gignac-Girard
Dramaturgy : François Marquis
Music: Antoine Berthiaume
Light & Set designers : Paul Chambers et David-Alexandre Chabot
Costumes: Marilène Bastien

Audrey Bergeron © Frédérique BérubéKim Henry © Éric Paré Merryn Kritzinger © Ray DemskiJessica Serli © Frédérique BérubéAntoine Berthiaume © Nans Bortuzzo Marilène Bastien © n/aMarianne Gignac-Girard © n/aFrançois Marquis © Guillaume Chouinard Paul Chambers © n/aDavid-Alexandre Chabot © n/a
Kim Henry © Nicolas RuelKim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, Jessica Serli © Nicolas Ruel Jessica Serli © Nicolas Ruel Kim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, Jessica Serli © Nicolas Ruel Kim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, Jessica Serli © Nicolas Ruel Kim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, Jessica Serli © Nicolas Ruel Kim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, Jessica Serli © Nicolas Ruel Scénographie et Éclairage : Paul Chambers & David-Alexandre Chabot © Nicolas Ruel Kim Henry © Nicolas Ruel Merryn Kritzinger © Nicolas Ruel Merryn Kritzinger © Nicolas Ruel Par le chas de l'aiguille/Carton promotionnel © Frédérique Bérubé Par le chas de l'aiguille/Carton promotionnel © Nicolas Ruel

“The bodies are agile on the floor, solid in their vocabulary, and here and there beautiful gestures emerge. […] The dancers rigorously keep the light burning, exploring every level; in short, they never lose that core of energy around which they gravitate. A consistent and confident approach.” – Ève Lalonde, DFdanse, 2006 

A Danse-Cité production in collaboration with Audrey Bergeron. With the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. 

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