Plus Vrai

Sarah Bild
November 20th to 23rd, 2013 / 8 p.m.
Jeudis-causeries : November 21st, after the show. Animation: David Pressault.
4750, Henri-Julien ave.
Laurier or Mont-Royal
Conservatoire's ticket office: 514.873.4031 #313 // Articulée's ticket office: 514.844.2172

After presenting Brain Storm at Danse-Cité in 2001, Sarah Bild is back with Plus Vrai. Three tall and slender performers – all of whom played an integral part in the creation – play with space and time, as their bodies vibrate outward, leaving a trace in the ensuing silence. Ears attuned to this echo, the choreographer explores the implosion and explosion of various gestural phrases. The movement – the raw material to harness and unleash – then takes the form of a range of formal studies that, together, make up a fossilized fresco of sorts, sinuous and angular, without beginning or end. Then, interrupting and humanizing these studies in black and white, short and colourful miniatures sketch fleeting portraits of these three beings who share the scope of an elastic life. Thus framed, each dancer is revealed amid this to and fro between tonalities by turns abstract and theatrical. The Traces-Chorégraphes series makes way for this show by Sarah Bild, a mature choreographer whose artistic process and approach are constantly being renewed as part of a search for meaning.

Choreographer: Sarah Bild in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Sara Hanley, Alexandre Parenteau et Isabelle Poirier
Composer: Martin Tétreault
Set designer: Lars Rosing
Lighting: Paul Chambers
Costume: Angela Rassenti
Artistic advisor: Christine Charles
Production director: Éric Le Brec’h

Sara HanleyAlexandre Parenteau © Mathieu DoyonIsabelle Poirier © Claude Lemay
Sarah Bild / Crédit : Nicolas RuelSarah Bild / Crédit : Nicolas RuelAlexandre Parenteau et Sara Hanley / Crédit : Nicolas RuelIsabelle Poirier et Alexandre Parenteau / Crédit : Nicolas RuelIsabelle Poirier / Crédit : Nicolas RuelSara Hanley, Isabelle Poirier et Alexandre Parenteau / Crédit : Nicolas RuelIsabelle Poirier, Alexandre Parenteau et Sara Hanley / Crédit : Nicolas RuelAlexandre Parenteau et Isabelle Poirier / Crédit : Nicolas RuelAlexandre Parenteau, Isabelle Poirier et Sara Hanley / Crédit : Nicolas RuelIsabelle Poirier, Sara Hanley et Alexandre Parenteau / Crédit : Nicolas RuelIsabelle Poirier, Sara Hanley et Alexandre Parenteau / Crédit : Nicolas Ruel

Everything comes in the form of flashes, woven together with sighs. Thank you for this fragile and compact little gem, delivered with great candour.
- Aline Apostolska, for Are we there yet?, La Presse, 2003.

A Danse-Cité production in collaboration with Sarah Bild. This project was supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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