Daniel Soulières

Founder and Artistic Director

"In the last 20 years, he [Daniel Soulières] has been among those who've done the most to help Montreal-based contemporary dance earn its reputation for excellence both in the dance community and with the public." - Aline Apostolska, Le Journal de Montréal, January 2001

Daniel Soulières is an active and leading figure in the Montreal dance scene of the last thirty years. As of 1982, he has acted as founder, artistic director and general manager of Danse-Cité, a dance company that has produced and supported from their ideation to their diffusion more than 260 creations.

A dynamic and involved dancer, Daniel Soulières has participated in more than 191 original creations by fifty different choreographers, which have been performed on 900 occasions in North America, Europe and Australia. Through his times and travels, Daniel Soulières has extended his reach by working with choreographers of different horizons, including the pioneers of contemporary

dance in Québec Françoise Riopelle, Françoise Sullivan and Jeanne Renaud. He has also collaborated with young emerging artists such as Michèle Rioux, Roger Sinha, David Pressault, Estelle Clareton and Dominique Porte. In 2003, he performed for example in Errance et Réflexes : axone 1 and Espace dynamique II : ombres et lumière by Dominique Porte. Both works were presented at Place des Arts' Cinquième Salle, at the Festival international de nouvelle danse (FIND) and at the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault.

Furthermore, Daniel Soulières has been no stranger to the 'perreauesque' universe of the last twenty years. Ever since Dix minutes in 1980, a choreographic event later transformed into a solo, the artist has danced in most of choreographer Jean-Pierre Perrault's works.

He has also worked with various stage directors such as Denis Marleau and Gilles Maheu and collaborated in different cinematographic pieces like Élégie by Bernar Hébert (2004), La fin de la voix by d'Olivier Asselin (2002) and Mozart, l'enfant de la musique by Raymond St-Jean (1999).

Other numerous and significant achievements have enriched his career: founding member of the Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD), Daniel Soulières has also participated in theformation of Diagramme Gestion culturelle, a company offering quality management to choreographs at a lower cost.

In February of 1989, Daniel Soulières received the Jacqueline-Lamoureux Prize, congratulating all his achievements and successes. Moreover, in 2002, Danse-Cité was honored by the Conseil des arts de Montréal as a finalist to the Prix de la ville de Montréal.