Sophie Corriveau has a message for you | Danse-Cité

The 2019–2020 season is well under way. Here at Danse-Cité, it’s a particular year, a year of transition and effervescence. Daniel Soulières and I are sharing the role of artistic director and general manager until the end of March. Daniel will then step down, opening himself to new horizons. Until then, there are many days, many conversations, many encounters, many questions. Within an organization that has almost 40 years of history and experience, there is a lot of knowledge to be passed on. A handover for Daniel and a time for the team—Éric Smith, Maud Mazo-Rothenbühler and I—to reflect on future possibilities, bring existing projects to life and consider what might change.

In a number of exchanges with artists and workers in the community, I have come to realize that several know the company well, but several do not know it so well. I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to outline Danse-Cité’s current form.

Since 1982, the organization has constantly evolved to respond to the needs and realities of the dance community in Montréal and Québec. Its history is plural and complex, and I could describe it at length, but I prefer to delve directly into the here and now.

Danse-Cité has always supported artists from the inception of projects to their presentation. Every artist working with Danse-Cité has carte blanche. Danse-Cité is financially invested in every step of the creative process and invests in selling productions as well. Over the years, Daniel Soulières’ door has always been open to artists seeking to share their ideas and desires. He has also approached artists with an open invitation in hand for an upcoming season. As a dancer himself, he has contributed a great deal to the emancipation and celebration of dancers in contemporary dance.

Programming is generally prepared two years ahead of time so that artists can apply for and receive necessary funding. The artist’s contribution has always been fundamental to the work’s fruition as the company’s budget could not solely support four productions a year. The work becomes reality through a collaborative contract with the artist.

The 2020–2021 season was conceived of and prepared by Daniel Soulières, but it will also house new ideas and ways of working.

As of now, I am already supported by a programming advisor whom, for administrative reasons, I will introduce to you in January. This advisory role was essential for me to establish, so that I might build a conversation and exchange ideas with an artist from a younger generation, attuned to different modes of perception and imagination. Together, we shall both be listening to artists and building a renewed identity for Danse-Cité. A clearer definition of our artistic vision is in the works.

I greatly value sharing and listening. The door is open, always, for exchanges and discussions.

Looking forward,


Sophie Corriveau
Co-executive & artistic director | Danse-Cité