Helen Simard, creator with Danse-Cité in the fall, 2020

Helen Simard © Roger White

While waiting until August to present all the programming and activities that will make up the 20-21 season, Danse-Cité is pleased to reveal that choreographer and artistic director Helen Simard will be the author of one of the season’s creations. Her new work Papillon will bring together performers Nindy Banks, Victoria Mackenzie & Mecdy Jean-Pierre, and musicians Rémy Saminadin, Roger White & Ted Yates. Full cast, dates and location to follow. Stay tuned!

Helen Simard is a choreographer who has been working since 2000 in Tiohtiá: ke/Montreal. After working with Solid State Breakdance for 12 years, an artist collective that combined street and contemporary dance, and participating in the creation of 9 shows, she switched gears in 2012 to lead her own artistic projects. [read +]