Ellen Furey, Advisor, Programming and Artistic Activities

Today, I am happy to announce that Ellen Furey is working with Danse-Cité as Advisor, Programming and Artistic Activities.

I hold Ellen in high esteem as an artist. Alongside her creative work, she is deeply committed to working on social and artistic issues in our community. Her perspective, the way she questions our practices, her curiosity and her benevolence towards artists and their processes make her a precious collaborator for both myself and the team at Danse-Cité.

We are working together on updating the company mission and values, and more specifically, Ellen is supporting me with upcoming programming decisions and new initiatives around future programs. Sharing this responsibility and being in constant reflection and discussion creates new ways of imagining what is important and possible for our organization’s future.

The advisory role is a new one in the Danse-Cité structure and while it is still modest in scope, we hope to secure the resources for it to flourish.

The Danse-Cité board members and team wish a warm welcome to our new collaborator. Bienvenue Ellen !

Sophie Corriveau
Co-directrice générale et artistique