Danse-Cité’s Daniel Soulières hands the reins over to Sophie Corriveau

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Montreal, May 9, 2019  - Thirty-seven years after the creation of Danse-Cité—a company supporting the research, creation, production and presentation of contemporary dance works—its founder and artistic director Daniel Soulières is stepping down. Danse-Cité’s board of directors salutes Mr. Soulière’s work and remarkable contribution to our cultural and artistic community, and is delighted to announce the appointment of artist Sophie Corriveau as the company’s new executive and artistic director.

Daniel Soulières plans to continue his artistic career, developing a new dancer training practice and offering the considerable expertise he has gained over a career spanning more than 40 years. He is keen to see Danse-Cité evolving in a new direction and, from September 2019, will work alongside Sophie Corriveau to ensure a smooth transition.

" For 37 years, I’ve been closely involved in the creative process—listening and learning through trial and error. I wanted to create and foster a dynamic structure that I believe is essential in the contemporary dance landscape.

Through its role as a company supporting the production, research and presentation of dance projects, Danse-Cité has carved out a unique space for itself while responding to evident needs in the community. Danse-Cité is a ‘work’ in its own right—one that will continue to grow and thrive. It is a truly original creation that has never borrowed from existing academic or private-sector models. Rather it has been built piece by piece, in response to the demands of the present and future.

The company’s unique structure has been fine-tuned with input from our dance artists and in-house teams. Since 1983, we’ve produced four to five works each year, presented over a two-week period during which some fifty artists get to meet, mingle and attend a variety of cultural mediation workshops. Danse-Cité has always encouraged artistic boldness, diversity and quality, and has always sought to create a special place for the artists it supports. Today I’m excited to see Danse-Cité move in a new direction. " - Daniel Soulières

The new director: an artists' artist

In recommending Sophie Corriveau to Danse-Cité’s board of directors, Daniel Soulières sought to pass the torch to a professional dancer who is fully committed to the community, who is intimately acquainted with Danse-Cité and its mode of operation, and who embodies the values the organization has endeavored to promote since the beginning. It was important that the new artistic director be a dancer rather than a resident choreographer in order for the company to continue embracing multiple artistic voices and signatures.

Sophie Corriveau has a rich and varied artistic background. She is a creator, researcher and teacher, and sits on several boards of directors. She is insatiably curious and fascinated by artists past, present and future. Familiar with both the realities of being a dance artist and the balancing of budgets, she is well positioned to play a leading role in the evolution of a company dedicated to the performing arts and contemporary dance. 

“ I’m honoured to take over from Daniel Soulières as the executive and artistic director of Danse-Cité. I wholeheartedly embrace the company’s role and aims, which are just as necessary today as they were at the time of its creation.

I applaud Daniel Soulières and the vision that led him to create Danse-Cité and build a company devoted to supporting artists and their works, from concept to performance. It’s a unique organization in Montreal’s contemporary dance landscape.

Being the executive and artistic director of Danse-Cité is a responsibility that I see as a creative project aimed at helping dance artists thrive—a project that is a part of the evolution of our discipline. It’s a stimulating challenge that will allow me to apply my experience and play an active role in creating environments that will help artists grow, create opportunities for fertile collaborative relationships, and allow us to continually question dance practices.

As I embark on this new adventure, I’m committed to working closely with community stakeholders, in a spirit of sharing and exchange, in order to contribute to our vibrant dance and performing arts scene.” - Sophie Corriveau

Together with her dedicated team, Sophie Corriveau will uphold the values and mission of Danse-Cité, at the same time moving the organization in a new direction and exploring new management and support strategies. She believes the strength of the organization lies in the personal qualities and unique cultural heritage of each artist. Danse-Cité will focus even more on the diversity and complexity of its associate creators and their works, supporting original and inclusive projects at all stages, and reflecting a wide range of ages and disciplines. True to its mission, the company will continue to help artists thrive as they pursue their creative journeys.

A gentle transition

As of September 2019, Sophie Corriveau and Daniel Soulières will join forces, seeing the company through a transition year during which Daniel’s 38th season of programming will be unveiled. The company’s 2020–2021 season (still in gestation) will be the fruit of their shared work as artistic directors. With a view to democratizing, innovating, including and promoting multiple practices, Sophie Corriveau will call on an emerging artist to act as an artistic consultant and assistant curator, bringing fresh ideas and practices to the company. In 2021–22, Danse-Cité will celebrate its 40th anniversary as a leading force in Quebec’s cultural landscape and Sophie Corriveau will present her first year of programming.

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Source :
Maud Mazo-Rothenbühler, directrice des communications
communication@danse-cite.org | 514-525-3595
Photo Sophie Corriveau © Alain Lefort