SAISON 2019-20

Our 38th season…at a glance

I’m delighted at the thought of seeing dance in a multi-story parking lot in Verdun, participating in the marriage of jig with contemporary dance, supporting a writing project that brings together six voices speaking to multiple human heritages, reconnecting with the dance-theatre dialogue inspired by an artistic pact between Ronfard and Gravel (1994), and offering dancers the space to talk about the essence of what they are through the ongoing project Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des danseurs.

This broad palette of colours and formats is what has always inspired me as a dancer-creator and what I’ve sought to articulate about the act of creation through the vehicle that is Danse-Cité. Far from a single vision for the future of dance, I want to embrace a multitude of experiments and concepts and encourage inclusion rather than just one way of doing things. And all of this under the banner of what I have defined as danse d’auteur.e, a body of choreographic work centred around one individual’s search for a personal mythology.

These propositions will stand then, one against the other, in the theatrical box of their choosing.

On behalf of the team,

Enjoy the season!

Daniel Soulières
Founder and artistic director, since 1982